A Year in Photography- Vacation 2018

vacation 2018

So that was a year in photography… or vacation 2018

Started off with trip to New York. A must see place for any photographer with so much to see and do and take many, many pictures.

Next stop was the Spanish island of Mallorca. Sun, sea and sangria is the way to spend the Summer.

A quick trip to London. Probably one of mine favorite places to visit. Amazing history, architecture and places to take your next best picture.

Finished the Summer with a week in Alicante, Spain. A plenty of sunshine, welcoming people and lovely food.

Last trip of this year…Winter. The ski slopes of Slovakia’s Low Tatra Mountains. The natural beauty here is stunning. A paradise for any landscape photographer.

mgphotography.uk is wishing you a lot of travel, pictures and fun in the New Year 2019.

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