Top things to do in Amsterdam

I have visited Amsterdam and I am glad I have. Why? The city has so much to offer, from peaceful city walks to music venues. AMSTERDAM is the capital of the Netherlands. Famous for its bikes and canals, Amsterdam is also the commercial capital of the Netherlands and one of the top financial centers in Europe. With its laid back atmosphere, vibrant nightlife and many coffeeshops, Amsterdam is favourite place to visit for many tourists.


What to do in Amsterdam

Canals of Amsterdam – nicknamed the canal city for obvious reasons with more than one hundred kilometres of canals and thousands of bridges. The main canals are laid-out in a pattern of concentric half-circles and end in the IJ Bay. The most notable canals are Singel, Herengracht, Keizersgracht and Prinsengracht. Make sure you will check them out. On foot, bike or a boat. It is well worth it.

Rijksmuseum – a museum dedicated to history in Amsterdam and arts. Admire the architecture or in the winter months try the ice skating ring opposite the museum and the Iamsterdam sing. Sadly the sign has since been removed, due to a high volume of “selfie-takers”. You can still visit the museum. Book your tickets here. Free image download here

Dam Square – once a central marketplace with turbulent history. Located in the heart of the city, riots, revolt and trouble all erupted here back then. Now a peaceful place with many street artists and lots of visitors. Important buildings like the Royal Palace or the Gothic Nieuwe Kerk are situated here.

ReguliersgrachtSeven Bridges Amsterdam – no doubt one of the most picturesque canals in Amsterdam. The Reguliersgracht canal passes through Herengracht, Keizersgracht and Prinsengracht canals. Great place to admire the bridges here. Take a canal boat trip and see the Seven Bridges for yourself.

Amsterdam nightlife

There are numerous venues, festivals and clubs to suit every taste. Whether you like techno, hip-hop or funk, you will enjoy a night out in Amsterdam for sure.

Cannabis Smoking – Amsterdam is well known around the world for being the weed capital of Europe. But do not be fooled, cannabis is not legal in the Netherlands, it is decriminalized, tolerated. Weed might not be allowed, but you are safe if you choose to go to a coffee shop for a smoke or two or take some home with you if it is not more than 5g. More on Amsterdam drug policy available here

Red Light District – is in the medieval city centre De Wallen. Surrounded by canals and narrow streets. You will find everything here from sex shops, sex shows to the working girls in the shop windows luring you to come in. Amsterdam embraces and tolerates the fact that people might be into prostitution, soft drugs or pornography. Be aware there are some rules too. Like taking a picture of the girls is not allowed, the girls do not like it neither do the bouncers. More on that topic here

red light district Amsterdam

Amsterdam public transport

A most convenient way for visitors to travel around Amsterdam is by public transport. Use the trams, buses, metros or the free ferry service from the Centraal Station. The cheapest way is to get the public transport chip card. Learn more here

Hire a bike like many visitors and locals alike. The bike capital of Europe? Amsterdam. You will never see more bikes anywhere else. Keep in mind that not everybody sticks to the traffic rules. There are many places to rent a bike in Amsterdam, just walk into one, pick a bike and off you go.

Best way to see Amsterdam is from a canal boat. Hop on board and enjoy a romantic boat trip and see Amsterdam in a different way. Book your canal boat trip

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